Incomparable and splendid

Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

Полный восторг - Ядвига Липинская Ядя сделала литературный перевод моего последнего стихотворения, усилив и развернув смыслы. Мне очень по душе. Ядвига, спасибо!!!

Sorry, but it doesn't hurt me
Describe the wounds of my heart.
Love still joyfully and lively
Seething spreads over the scars.

And I'm walking through the boulevard
Smiling, careless and drunk
Raising arms up to the blowing
Calling now to move behind

Those, invisible, who closely
Walk, enchant and tell the fortune,
Who will cast a spell of blessing
And will finish all the tortures.

I am very slight and candid
In my jackboots and a red dress
"Incomparable and splendid!" -
Tell invisible "relatives".

Everyone is looking after
Chatting, whisp'ring, scandalizing
And I feel it all behind me -
All that dirt is not surprising

Not a saint and never bragging.
Why is there so much anger?
From those, who even do not matter.
For me you all are rusty bangers.

I'm alive, don't worry, dear!
And I prosper, live and flourish,
Don't feel rampage, don't feel fear.
I can never be demolished!

I'll never need your love and mercy.
Bend your knees for all in need.
Pray yourself for spite and envy,
And for kindness indeed.

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